A Pathway to leadership

Prospective ministerial students have various pathways to fulfill credential requirements, including attendance at Wesleyan Colleges/Universities, approved seminaries, non-accredited ordination programs, or district extensions. Whether embarking on ministerial studies, specialized lay ministry training, or transferring ordination to the Wesleyan Church, enrollment for Ministerial Preparation can be initiated online. To receive credit on the ministerial student transcript, a minimum grade of C- must be attained in courses.

NCE District plays a pivotal role in nurturing ministerial development under the guidance of the district superintendent and the District Board of Ministerial Development (DBMD). The DBMD is responsible for fostering the growth of ministers in training and those in active service to the church. Explore the organizational and ministry functions of the DBMD in the Manual of Ministerial Preparation and find fundamental guidance for ministerial students in the Guide to Exploring your Call. Through the use of report forms, the DBMD conducts interviews, evaluations, and provides advice to ministerial students. Education and Clergy Development offers training presentations as a valuable resource to enhance the ministry of DBMDs. Maintaining open channels of communication is imperative among pastors, district superintendents, District Boards of Ministerial Development, and our colleges to track the progress and potential of ministers in training.

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transfering ministers

We welcome those who have an interest in finding a place of ministry within The Wesleyan Church, who agree with us in doctrine and spirit, and who believe God is leading them to join hands with us in fulfilling our mission in the world.

The process of transferring into The Wesleyan Church includes (but is not limited to) an initial conversation with the District Superintendent and submission of a Transfer Application (then approved by the General Superintendent), evaluation and completion of education requirements, a year under appointment as a minister in process of denominational transfer, an interview by the District Board of Ministerial Development and validation by the District Conference.

For a complete list of the steps required for transfer into The Wesleyan Church, please reference Chapter 4 in the Manual of Ministerial Preparation (MMP-413).

The education requirements for credentialed ministers transferring into The Wesleyan Church will be evaluated as to their equivalency to the education requirements prescribed for credentials in The Wesleyan Church. Education and Clergy Development will make every effort to recognize the level of service they held in the denomination or organization from which ministers are transferring. Those seeking transfer may submit their transcripts to Education and Clergy Development.

After evaluation of transcripts, coursework, and experience, transferring ministers may expect to complete additional education requirements (most transferring candidates must complete the doctrine of holiness and Wesleyan History and Discipline). Transferring ministers may address gaps in their education requirements through Wesleyan Universities, Approved Seminaries or Ministry Training Programs such as Cross Training, Kingswood Extended, or classes offered by your district.

To begin the process, please contact the NCE District Office to speak with the District Superintendent and begin the application process.