End of Year Reporting LOGIN!
Ordained, Licensed, Ministerial Students and Admins:
The Denomination is transitioning the portal to the Microsoft Office 365 platform. We will begin filling out ASR's and STAT's on the new platform THIS YEAR. You may have heard other pastors in other districts talking about the new system already, but rest assured, our district is not scheduled for release until the end of April. We are excited about the new system and are working diligently to make sure your transition is as smooth as possible!
Headquarters will be sending the NC East pastors and students a NEW ACCOUNT EMAIL on April 29th. Be looking for that email, and please be sure to sign up for one of our ZOOM training meetings to learn about these changes and to help you navigate any difficulties in creating your account.
These trainings are extremely important to our partnership in the NC East to make a smooth transition for us all.
Once you sign up for a training you will be sent an email confirmation with ZOOM login information. Keep this email so that you can join the meeting when it begins. PLEASE NOTE: YOU MAY ATTEND THE TRAINING via ZOOM OR JOIN US in the DISTRICT OFFICE. If you are not able to attend one of the trainings, you will be directed to materials posted on the District Website for all your questions. Thank you so much for patience and diligence in this time of transition.
Debbie Barwick
District Administrator
·       FIRST...UPDATE YOUR INFO ON THE CURRENT PORTAL RIGHT AWAY - I have done my best to make sure all of your information is updated, however, your information may have changed and not been updated by you on the current portal. If your email address is incorrect you will not get your username and password email. PLEASE NOTE: The current portal and the new platform will BOTH be used during this transition period. Only ASR and STAT reporting is being rolled out on the new platform at this time.
  • We will ALL need to establish NEW Usernames and Passwords for the new platform (Your current portal logins will not change). The email you receive on the 29th will give you limited instructions on how to get that done. (WE STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU ATTEND ONE OF OUR ITL TRAININGS ON THE 29th OR 30th via ZOOM or join us in the NC East office - sign up below)
  • THE EMAIL TO SET UP YOUR ACCOUNT WILL COME FROM THIS ADDRESS:"" IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU BE LOOKING FOR THIS EMAIL AROUND THE 29th OF THIS MONTH. If you do not see it in your inbox, please check your spam and junk folders. 
  • A SECOND EMAIL will be sent DIRECTLY FROM THE NEW APP on May 1st with a link to your ASR (Annual Service Report)
  • A THIRD EMAIL will be sent DIRECTLY FROM THE NEW APP on JUNE 1ST with a link to your LCSR (Local Church Statistical Report).
APRIL 29th AND APRIL 30th from 10am to 12 pm

*Senior and Solo Pastors: We suggest you gather your pastoral and ministerial student staff to view the training together. Don't forget to have your key Admin staff join you. Please encourage your ministerial students, that are away at school, to sign up for the ZOOM option. They will have to fill out an ASR as well.