General Donation

I would like to donate to the NC East District General Fund or Puerto Rico Donations

Protect My Ministries

1. Fill out the names and email addresses of the volunteers for whom you would like to run background checks on the form below.

2. Our Administrator will enter that information, and the system will automatically send an email informing them that they have been asked by their church to fill out an Online Authorization Form.

3. That will enter the person's name into the PMM tracking system that will allow us to track their progress through the system.

4. The background check will come to the District Office Administrator, and then we will send that on to the churches.

5. Every time a church initiates their participation with the District PMM program a Billing Reference is given so that we can bill the churches per background check.

6. After completing this form, please wait for the monthly invoice that will be emailed the first week of each moth and forward to your business manager/treasurer for payment to the NC East. 

7. Follow the link in the email, or return to this page, to pay online at NC East website. 

Pay Protect My Ministries Invoice

Once you receive your invoice for completed Background Checks, click the button below and enter your payment amount on the Protect My Ministries line on the giving page.